ExecuSIMS Terms and Conditions.

Here at ExecuSIMS we like to keep things simple!

Postage of your new cherished mobile number is free, via  (NEXT DAY SPECIAL DELIVERY BEFORE 1pm) All items will require a signature as proof of delivery upon receipt.

Due to the desirability of a cherished mobile number, we will only email or text a Pac Code (Port Authorization Code) if payment is made via a bank transfer, or a cash deposit at one of our bank branches.

If your payment is via a credit/debit card, all Pac codes will be sent to the card holders registered address only, via recorded delivery.

The above information is for security purposes, and is in place to help prevent the risk of fraudulent activity, and is also to ensure that you receive a problem free service.

If you have selected the option to receive an o2 PAYG sim card, AFTER RECEIPT, then you will need to contact us HERE

This process is the only way we can issue you with all the security information and assistance you will require, to register your own details against your new cherished number, and change the registered password for the o2 account to a password of your own choice. At this point, all the security information regarding your new cherished number will become your responsibility.

We never post sim cards out, along with o2 account details for security reasons.

If you choose to use your new number on your o2 PAYG sim card, you must make at least 1 chargeable call every 5 months to keep your number active. Failure to do this could result in your cherished number being recycled by the network.

The above information is standard practice for PAYG sim cards, deemed by o2 to be unused, and will become your sole responsibility to ensure the above is carried out to the letter.

We strongly recommend you move your new number onto an o2 contract for complete peace of mind. This will ensure the safety of your new cherished mobile number. To do this, simply contact o2 customer services, and let them know you wish to move your number from PAYG onto an o2 contract.

This is a simple process, and is normally completed in 48 working hours, (excluding weekends).

If you have purchased a Pac code (Porting Authorization Code) so that you can transfer your new number to another UK network, the same rules apply as above.
Please check with your chosen network how often you need to make a chargeable call to keep your number active.

You may decide to use your Pac code to port your new cherished mobile number onto an existing/new contract. Please check with your chosen network BEFORE you purchase a cherished number, as some networks have specific rules about changing mobile numbers mid-contract.
However, if you see a number you just have to own, you can port it onto a PAYG sim card with your chosen network, until your current contract allows you to replace your old mobile number. Alternatively, you can just take out a new contract.
Please contact the customer support team for your chosen network, and they will advise you on the best course of action.


Due to the nature of the cherished numbers we sell, we will only accept returns if the sim card is faulty or damaged on delivery. Most problems can be resolved without the need to return the sim card.

Once the account passwords or Pac code have been received by you, and the cherished number is registered with the new owner’s details, no returns will be accepted.

Any future problems can be resolved by contacting the mobile network the number is registered with.

We will always be available for advice and guidance with any problems.

ExecuSIMS will be on hand to give full assistance to the police and the mobile network fraud prevention teams, to prosecute anyone attempting to obtain a cherished mobile number from this site by deception, or identity theft.